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We will collaborate with you to develop the ideal small house design that satisfies all of your requirements.
Our Mission:

Let's face it, living is expensive.

Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a contractor, mytinyhouse is on a mission to make affordable tiny houses and cabins available to everyone. But there’s more! You may enjoy the most magnificent tiny house and cabin stays on the planet with mytinyhouse. Solo travelers, couples, and even families can escape to stunning landscapes and get
back to nature.

Don’t believe us? Check it out.


List Your Tiny House:

Utilize our user-friendly listings service to list your tiny home for sale or rent. Get the most out of your little property by reaching a large audience of potential renters and buyers.


Purchase 3D designs and architectural plans:

Purchase these from mytinyhouse to have access to premium 3D designs and plans. Whatever your demands are, our designs are ideal for building the perfect little house.


Customized 3D Designs and Architectural Plans:

Get individual 3D designs and architectural plans tailored to your exact specifications from mytinyhouse. Our experienced team is specialized in tiny houses and cabins. We will collaborate with you to develop the ideal small house design that satisfies all of your requirements.

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Why Choose Us?

List Your Tiny House:

You may reach a large audience of potential buyers and renters by listing your tiny house for sale or rent on mytinyhouse. You can be confident that your listing will receive the attention it deserves thanks to our more than 1.1 million social media followers.

Purchase 3D designs and architectural plans:

You can be confident that you are obtaining the best 3D designs and architectural plans thanks to our team of skilled architects who specialize in tiny homes and cabins. Additionally, compared to an architect in your region, our designs are about 50% less expensive!

3. Individual 3D Designs and Architectural Plans:

When you choose mytinyhouse for individual 3D designs and architectural plans, we take into account the specific needs of the buyer before creating the design. The design is crucial when it comes to tiny house construction. A well-designed tiny house will be cozy, useful, and appealing to the eye. Additionally, it will be economical and energy-efficient. Tiny houses that are poorly constructed can be uncomfortable, ineffective, and expensive to maintain. It's critical to get the design right from the outset because it might make or ruin your endeavor to build a tiny house. We produce distinctive designs with the highest standards of quality at a reasonable cost — significantly less expensive than an architect in your region!

Over 1 Million followers on Instagram.

How is that possible and have you bought fake followers?

Our Tiny House account started as a so-called “theme page” in January 2020. Our years of expertise in online marketing and social media have led us to consistently publish the best possible content on our channel. We posted several times a day and constantly interacted with our followers to publish the best content. In the early stages, we spent tens of thousands of dollars to gain reach. The Tiny House concept gained new momentum due to the Corona crisis and a huge hype around Tiny Houses emerged. The Instagram algorithm immediately picked up on this trend and gave our account tons of reach. The hype, combined with our excellent content and a total of around $150,000 in monetary support, led us to increase our number of followers from 250,000 to 1,100,000 within 8 months.

5 to 50 million impressions.

2 million likes.

Our reach for certain posts was between 5 million and 50 million impressions. The post with the most likes received around 2 million likes. Therefore, we can assure you that we did not buy any followers.
Buying followers penalizes the account because the Instagram algorithm immediately detects inactive followers on the account. Therefore, over 1 million followers trust us daily for our work.

Do you want to benefit from our followers?

Then list your Tiny House or cabin on our website now! Or
check out our 3D designs and plans today to live in a beautiful tiny house soon!

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